How do I sell Facebook posts on the FB Reach Marketplace?

Firstly, you have to be a Facebook page owner (This is not your personal Facebook profile). Next, you must have at least 300 fans (likes) or more on your Facebook page to be accepted as a seller here on the marketplace. The video below demonstrates this process. Please Note: This video example is on a demo installation and not our actual website.

How do I buy a post on the FB Reach Marketplace?

The video below demonstrates the process of purchasing a post from a Facebook page owner (seller).

Login using Facebook -> Choose the Facebook page you want to advertise on -> Type the exact message you want advertised to your chosen Facebook page -> Submit -> Pay via Paypal -> Wait for page owner to accept for reject your purchase -> A rejected purchase is instantly refunded -> An approved purchase will serve a minimum of 8 hours to the selected Facebook page delivering your desired advertisment or message.

How are orders finalized and payments processed?

The below video is a demonstration of how an order is realized and completed by the seller upon completion. This results in final payment to the seller. Please Note: The video is on a demo installation and may slightly vary from actual application here on FB Reach. For example, we require a post display for 8 hours before an order can be finalized though the demo video references 2 hours as an example.

When will I be paid from sales I make?

After each completed transaction with a buyer money is added to your account balance. Once you reach a balance of $25 in your account you can click to withdraw your funds. You will then be issued payment via PayPal within 2 business days..

Do you have an Affiliate program? Yes! How does it work?

We do have a very simple and effective affiliate program you can participate in. Here is how easy and simple it really is to make money with our program. Just log into our website using our Facebook login feature. No forms to fill out or time to waste. Just click on the menu link item "Affiliate Program". Here you will see your personalized tracking link. Every buyer your refer to will land you 10% of the sale. Once you reach $25 in your account balance you can cash out at this time. You do not need to be a Facebook page owner to participate in the affiliate program. Please only post your affiliate links where it is acceptable and and allowed. Do not SPAM your link in unwanted locations around the net. Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and all those other social interaction sites out there.